Saturday, 15 March 2008


Charles posted on official blog (1st March 2008) :

" I am going to try a new format for my blog posts to help everyone to stay as informed as possible about what’s happening with PPP.
I will start off with information for new members and then move into the latest news for existing members that are already up to speed.”

You will find all the resources you need for:

A. Placing the PPP audio ad code on your website(s) so you get paid:

B. Training on how to attract website owners to the network so you get paid on the activity of others:

C. Full Support in the affiliate (publisher) support forum:

D. Log in to your back office for stats, commission reports, adding websites, updating your commission payout information, etc:

Selling Advertising in the PPP Network…

As you may know, NetAudioAds has opened up the local advertising opportunity for registered NetAudioAds advertising agents. I know this sounds complicated but it is really quite simple. Log in to your back office, print, sign and fax the agent agreement and a new area will open up in your member’s area (back office) exposing all the details you need to sell ads in your local areas or on the Internet.

The commission for selling ads is 30% ................

So , we can earn by ads from our blogs and also by selling Advertising. Not bad opportunity!

3. Political Ads…

We have a hooked a big one that will bring our network a ton of media coverage. We need you to select your political advertising.