Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Great New Ads are Running

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Pay Per Play News

here is the latest email from David Jones ( NetAudioAds) :

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give you all an update and the great news of the large ad campaign we are currently running. We started the track and test on this campaign on Sunday evening and after two short days of testing, we are already exceeding our initial expectations on the key through ratios; this is not only great news for us, it is great news for all of you publishers who will be running these ads on your websites.

What this also means is that if we continue to be successful throughout the track and test period, this advertiser will commit to a very large number of ads for a period of six months which will also continue to benefit all of our publishers.

The advertiser's campaign supports a very good cause and will undoubtedly benefit all of us at some point in the future. I thought it might interest some of you and thought that some of you might actually want to participate in this project. I would like to invite you to check out the advertiser's website at:

If you decide to check it out, please note that it won't cost you anything; they would simply like to get people to sign up to be on their petition which will in turn allow them to propose the "Pickens Plan" for alternative energy sources to government officials.

Many of you have probably already heard of T. Boone Pickens, the billionaire who is interested in wind power and alternative energy sources. He has launched an all out, no holes barred advertising campaign via television, radio and now, NetAudioAds, to get the word out to the world. By helping to support his cause, we can not only benefit individually, we can also help to ensure future business from this advertiser which will in turn be beneficial to all of you publishers.

So make sure the code is on your websites and is working properly so you don't miss out on any commissions that would be due you.

Remember...every winning campaign for an advertiser equates to a winning campaign for the publishers.

Let's see what does it mean for me. of cause, I am going to check that web site , which david is suggesting.

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Friday, 11 July 2008

Key2Page product

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On July 2008 NAA Central (Larry Host ) sent e-mail

When NAA launched this program (PPP), there was not a Key2Page product.

Key2Page was implemented in February 2008 at the behest of
several major players in the ad market. NetAudioAds did
testing on it in April and May.

Now we see, that Key2Page has become the most exciting thing
and nearly all of our campaigns want to use it.

The restrictions on K2P playing on pages with forms will be removed.. This will open most Publisher pages to the K2P product. Please check to be sure that the focus of the cursor, on page load, is not on any form. This will increase your K2P revenues and will
also not confuse the visitor by seeing a stray key in the form
instead of bringing up the ad link.

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Saturday, 15 March 2008


Charles posted on official blog (1st March 2008) :

" I am going to try a new format for my blog posts to help everyone to stay as informed as possible about what’s happening with PPP.
I will start off with information for new members and then move into the latest news for existing members that are already up to speed.”

You will find all the resources you need for:

A. Placing the PPP audio ad code on your website(s) so you get paid:

B. Training on how to attract website owners to the network so you get paid on the activity of others:

C. Full Support in the affiliate (publisher) support forum:

D. Log in to your back office for stats, commission reports, adding websites, updating your commission payout information, etc:

Selling Advertising in the PPP Network…

As you may know, NetAudioAds has opened up the local advertising opportunity for registered NetAudioAds advertising agents. I know this sounds complicated but it is really quite simple. Log in to your back office, print, sign and fax the agent agreement and a new area will open up in your member’s area (back office) exposing all the details you need to sell ads in your local areas or on the Internet.

The commission for selling ads is 30% ................

So , we can earn by ads from our blogs and also by selling Advertising. Not bad opportunity!

3. Political Ads…

We have a hooked a big one that will bring our network a ton of media coverage. We need you to select your political advertising.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Missunderstandings and Charles Heflin

Charles Heflin is explaining :
(February 1st, 2008)

"Many seem to believe that PPP audio ads did not launch today and that NetAudioAds has delayed their launch for 30 - 60 days. Further, some of you believe that if an advertiser buys ads today that their ads won’t play for 30 - 60 days.

Both of these statements are false. They are misunderstandings…............."

--- another missunderstanding ---

"Another misunderstanding happening is that some members think that I (Charles heflin) have direct control over the NetAudioAds program. I will say again that I am an affiliate of this program just like anyone else. I haven’t been paid and am working solely on the promise of future commissions (just like you).

Because of this, I share the same concerns that you do. I would love to have ads playing to the entire network right this second but at the same time I understand the slow, easy throttle up."

--- another missunderstanding ---
"Another common misunderstanding is that today is the day we would close the affiliate opportunity. This rumor has been perpetuated for some unknown reason. This was never stated. As a core affiliate partner you will always have the ability to earn by referral. NetAudioAds will not close this program to core partners… ever.

At some point in the future NetAudioAds will no longer bring on new core affiliate partners but the existing partners (you) will always have the ability to earn by referral."

So, you can JOIN HERE & NOW


this means that you are NOT testing and are ready for ads to play.

If you change the “no” to “yes” then you are saying that you ARE testing and ads will NOT play for you. If test=”yes” then you will hear 5 seconds of white noise.

So if you want to hear ads on your blog, it must be : naa_test=”no”

Friday, 1 February 2008

Launching PPP will take 30 to 60 days

Hi Rado,

We officially begin our soft launch on 2/1/2008.

Be sure to read the latest blog post to get up to speed.

Thank you,

Charles Heflin
Marketing Director
PPP NetAudioAds Group

------------------------------- here I am reading

Pending Launch

As you all know on February 1 2008 NetAudioAds will begin pushing live ads out to their audio ad distribution network (you).

Unlike typical launches where everything opens at once, this launch will be different. Audio ads will NOT begin playing everywhere at the same time. This will be a slow, methodical ramp up until NetAudioAds is playing ads to the complete network.

This will take time… 30 - 60 days to get up to full speed.

Why is it being done this way?

Because NetAudioAds must protect their (our) advertisers at all costs. They need to open the throttle slowly to ensure system integrity as things ramp up. Opening up full throttle could be disastrous. Slow calculated moves are best.
Do not panic if you are not hearing audio ads right away. We are on course for what NetAudioAds is calling a soft launch. As the days progress after launch tomorrow, more and more ads will begin playing covering a wider and wider percentage of the distribution network.

My best advice for you is to be patient. By launching slowly and methodically NetAudioAds is ensuring the integrity of the system so that we can create an atmosphere of quality for our advertisers, without them this opportunity would not be possible. We all need to understand this and protect our advertisers at all costs.

Read more ...

Thursday, 24 January 2008


You can hear example of what your websites visitors may hear?

* removed 9th february

Following are our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) related
to the PPP, NetAudioAdsTM opportunity...

QUESTION: Are there any restrictions such as placing PPP ads on free websites or blogs?

QUESTION: Can you run PPP ads hosted on free hosting servers?

QUESTION: Can PPP ads be distributed in blog networks like

QUESTION: Can PPP ads be played on networks like MySpace or any other social network?
ANSWER: If the terms of service of a social network allow you to insert the PPP code then yes.

QUESTION: Is the PPP code java code or something else?
ANSWER: It’s a Java Script

QUESTION: What are the different PPP ad lengths? (5sec, 30 sec, anything else?)
ANSWER: By default we only serve 5 second ads. You will have to specifically request 30 second ads and you will be able to choose which pages have 30 second ads.

QUESTION: How many websites can I run PPP ads on and can I track each website’s performance separately?
ANSWER: As many as you have, we are working on individual page tracking right now.

QUESTION: Can I hear examples of what my websites visitors may hear?
ANSWER: Yes, you could hear example when you visited this page

QUESTION: How have these 5 second audio ads been performing for advertisers?
ANSWER: We have consistently outperformed, radio, television and paper ads plus the fact that we spider the website just like Google does, we only deliver ads that are directly related to the contextual nature of the site.

QUESTION: Will the PPP ads be targeted to the content of my website?
ANSWER: Yes, we will crawl the "readable" content of your website to determine what kinds of ads to play. The ads that play will be targeted to your market or niche.

QUESTION: Many people have sound turned off on their computers (especially in office environments). Advertisers will have to pay for "impressions" that no one even hears. How will PPP handle this issue?
ANSWER: We understand this can be of some concern, but on it wildest day it won't even remotely compare to the click fraud that goes on the pay per click arena, we have this loss reflected in the cost of our product. However with us, in time we will be able to map out a very accurate percentage as to what that loss is, and will be able to adjust for it, and price it accordingly.

QUESTION: Can you place PPP ads on:
1. Social Networking sites like, Squidoo?
2. Traffic Exchanges like TrafficSwamp?
ANSWER: As long as you are not violating the terms of service of these companies then you are free to place your PPP code wherever you wish.

QUESTION: Can AdSense ads go with PPP on the same page?
ANSWER: Yes, you can place PPP audio ads on any page where other advertising already exists. As of this writing PPP ads do not violate the Google AdSense terms of service.

QUESTION: What kind of websites can I place PPP ads on?
ANSWER: On any website where you would not violate their terms of service.

QUESTION: Can anyone be an affiliate regardless of their country of residence?
ANSWER: Yes, we will pay either by PayPal or paper check mailed to your address on file. All checks will be issued in US currency so you must have the ability to convert this currency in your country.

QUESTION: Does the visitor have to click on anything for me to get paid from an audio ad?
ANSWER: No, audio ads automatically play when a visitor enters your website. When the audio plays you get paid, no clicks necessary.

QUESTION: How many ads are played when a visitor enters a web page with the PPP code inserted?
ANSWER: PPP only serves ONE advertisement to the visitor for 5 seconds. No more ads are played to the visitor unless they refresh the page or visit another page in your website that has the PPP code inserted.

QUESTION: How is it that publishers get to keep 100% of their traffic (by not requiring a click)? Aren't you losing money?
ANSWER: This is a common misunderstanding and this is why PPP is so revolutionary. The advertiser has paid to have a 5 second audio ad played on your website. You are paid just for the ad playing, no clicks or action from the website visitor is necessary.
We are not losing money, we actually make more because the ad is triggered on 100% of the website's traffic. In essence the website owner is then paid for 100% of their traffic.
Best of all, the visitor never leaves your website so you have the chance to monetize even more. All other forms of media require a click or some kind of action that leads people away from a website. As you can see PPP is quite different.

QUESTION: Do I get to choose which ads I want run on different pages of my website?
ANSWER: Ads will be served to the pages of your website that match the content of your website. We have technology that will read the text of your web page and then find a matching audio ad to play.
You never have to worry about ads for Mary's Lingerie playing on your fishing website.

QUESTION: What is the compensation structure for this program?
• 25% of what the advertiser spends on PPP ads you serve on your own website(s).
• 5% of what the advertiser spends on PPP ads played on the website(s) of those you refer.
• 5% of what the advertiser spends on PPP ads played on the website(s) that your direct referrals bring on board.

QUESTION: I'm in the UK, will I be able to run PPP ads on my UK sites or will they generally be advertisers directed at the USA market?
ANSWER: Anyone in the world can earn by running PPP ads. Currently only ads served in the English language are available. Make sure and place PPP ads only on English speaking websites.

© 2007 - PPP, NetAudioAdsTM Grou

Sunday, 6 January 2008

How - where to put PPP code

Reading advices / oppinions of some bloggers and PPP-Training , I put my codes.
For now I put codes on 2 types of blogs / sites :

- (this blog is

Do you know, why I am exited? Because I am newbie and I made it! I was experimenting
with pasting code on different positions.



I pasted my PPP code on layout , on the bottom of the blog.

Ad a page element
Select “HTML/JavaScript “
Paste your code
Save (element)
Save (Layout)

It works, but , it seems , I made a mistake .

Question :
When I visit my blog, it is ‘frozen’ for about 5 second and than begins PPP ad (I have ‘yes’ in test). PPP code is on bottom of layout of the blog. Has anybody the same problem?

Answer :
Charles Heflin
Your blog freezes because you need to put the code just before the tag… Your page is waiting for the 5 second SILENT audio ad to play before loading the rest of your content. This means that your ppp code is not placed where we instructed you to place it.Please check that

b) main page (post) - it doesn’t work, I do not know, why!


Edit :
New Paragraph - this is last paraghaph - NO title
Paragrapf type : choose “Raw HTML Type”
Paste (YOUR) PPP code


naa_siteid="1207034047" - here is YOUR Pay-Per-Play member number
naa_sitename="" - I left original, some are saying, that I should put my link
naa_test="no" - for TEST you can put 'yes' - just to hear voice - for now you hear strange voice - as 'broken record'