Monday, 4 February 2008

Missunderstandings and Charles Heflin

Charles Heflin is explaining :
(February 1st, 2008)

"Many seem to believe that PPP audio ads did not launch today and that NetAudioAds has delayed their launch for 30 - 60 days. Further, some of you believe that if an advertiser buys ads today that their ads won’t play for 30 - 60 days.

Both of these statements are false. They are misunderstandings…............."

--- another missunderstanding ---

"Another misunderstanding happening is that some members think that I (Charles heflin) have direct control over the NetAudioAds program. I will say again that I am an affiliate of this program just like anyone else. I haven’t been paid and am working solely on the promise of future commissions (just like you).

Because of this, I share the same concerns that you do. I would love to have ads playing to the entire network right this second but at the same time I understand the slow, easy throttle up."

--- another missunderstanding ---
"Another common misunderstanding is that today is the day we would close the affiliate opportunity. This rumor has been perpetuated for some unknown reason. This was never stated. As a core affiliate partner you will always have the ability to earn by referral. NetAudioAds will not close this program to core partners… ever.

At some point in the future NetAudioAds will no longer bring on new core affiliate partners but the existing partners (you) will always have the ability to earn by referral."

So, you can JOIN HERE & NOW


this means that you are NOT testing and are ready for ads to play.

If you change the “no” to “yes” then you are saying that you ARE testing and ads will NOT play for you. If test=”yes” then you will hear 5 seconds of white noise.

So if you want to hear ads on your blog, it must be : naa_test=”no”

Friday, 1 February 2008

Launching PPP will take 30 to 60 days

Hi Rado,

We officially begin our soft launch on 2/1/2008.

Be sure to read the latest blog post to get up to speed.

Thank you,

Charles Heflin
Marketing Director
PPP NetAudioAds Group

------------------------------- here I am reading

Pending Launch

As you all know on February 1 2008 NetAudioAds will begin pushing live ads out to their audio ad distribution network (you).

Unlike typical launches where everything opens at once, this launch will be different. Audio ads will NOT begin playing everywhere at the same time. This will be a slow, methodical ramp up until NetAudioAds is playing ads to the complete network.

This will take time… 30 - 60 days to get up to full speed.

Why is it being done this way?

Because NetAudioAds must protect their (our) advertisers at all costs. They need to open the throttle slowly to ensure system integrity as things ramp up. Opening up full throttle could be disastrous. Slow calculated moves are best.
Do not panic if you are not hearing audio ads right away. We are on course for what NetAudioAds is calling a soft launch. As the days progress after launch tomorrow, more and more ads will begin playing covering a wider and wider percentage of the distribution network.

My best advice for you is to be patient. By launching slowly and methodically NetAudioAds is ensuring the integrity of the system so that we can create an atmosphere of quality for our advertisers, without them this opportunity would not be possible. We all need to understand this and protect our advertisers at all costs.

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