Friday, 11 July 2008

Key2Page product

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On July 2008 NAA Central (Larry Host ) sent e-mail

When NAA launched this program (PPP), there was not a Key2Page product.

Key2Page was implemented in February 2008 at the behest of
several major players in the ad market. NetAudioAds did
testing on it in April and May.

Now we see, that Key2Page has become the most exciting thing
and nearly all of our campaigns want to use it.

The restrictions on K2P playing on pages with forms will be removed.. This will open most Publisher pages to the K2P product. Please check to be sure that the focus of the cursor, on page load, is not on any form. This will increase your K2P revenues and will
also not confuse the visitor by seeing a stray key in the form
instead of bringing up the ad link.

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shani said...

wow well..if i like this
Social Media Marketing

Integritas said...

its all a big scam, ppp/naa will never pay!
we all have charles heflin to thank for wowing us into this scam. hes ok though, hes been paid. Loser!