Sunday, 23 December 2007

Comment by Charles Heflin

Charles Heflin posted great comment - I couldn't resist to post it on my blog

Charles Heflin here from SEO20/20… Interesting discussion here on PPP advertising.

I just wanted to jump in and let you know that I am here to address questions or concerns about PPP.
Understand that I was the 1st marketer to introduce the opportunity and that I am just an affiliate like anyone else. The only difference is that I have been charged with creating the promotion and initially introducing it in a viral fashion.

It has worked… After 3 weeks we have secured 3 million new websites and have gained new major advertisers from the big 8 advertising agencies (among many others).

If anyone has question about whether audio ads work just ask any podcasting website like or … Audio ads are in GIGANTIC demand and we have just secured the largest audio ad distribution network in Internet history in 3 weeks time.
Skeptics are abound and that is a good thing. Skeptics keep all of us on our toes to watch for the devil in the details.
5 second audio ads are not appropriate for every web page of every website. Webmasters, please use discretion when deciding where you will allow your visitors to hear audio ads. The last thing you want to do is scare your visitors away during a critical sales process.
Audio ads play ONCE per visitor to a web page that has the PPP code inserted.

Audio Ads are geared mainly to big brands but will be available to everyone.

Audio ads will be targeted to your website unless it is a major brand promotion like Coca-Cola… This brand is not site specific.

The ONLY reason PPP has launched is because our advertisers (current and new) are demanding way more reach than we had. After 3 weeks that reach has grown to 3,500,000 websites. Many of which are major online ad agencies that serve up billions of ad impressions on a monthly basis.

Our reach has grown from 43 million ad plays per month to an estimated 100 million per day in 3 weeks time!
Is this opportunity for real?
Well, being somewhat of an insider I can say, without a doubt, YES… This is the largest and fastest growing campaign both on the publisher and advertiser side that I have ever seen. I am proud that I was chosen as the launch developer and coordinator.
Fact: television advertising is dying (tivo, DVRs, Movies on Demand, etc.)
Fact: Major advertisers are seeking new media channels aggressively. We have already locked in most of the major ad firms on Madison Avenue in NYC who control advertising for just about every big brand that you can think of.
Fact: These advertisers have ad budgets in the billions and are ready to spend them with us starting February 1st… Between now and then we’re building our reach… Will you take part or sit idly and let someone else claim what you could have?
Fact: Audio ads have been proven to be effective and are growing aggressively… Be discriminate on where you place audio ads so that you don’t distract visitors during critical sales processes.
Fact: Geo targeting and metrics are available to all advertisers. Imagine Joe’s pizza (fictitious example) running a 5 second audio ad to a single zip code in their delivery area and knowing EXACTLY how many ad plays were “heard” with the comfort of knowing his pricing is based on only 80% of those plays. The website owner is paid on 100% of the plays whether they are heard or not.
The same holds true for our national and worldwide branding advertisers. All of PPP’s ad plays are verified through an independent third party… BPA Worldwide.
Fact: PPP has been running for 2 1/2 years and we already know that only 80% of users will actually “hear” the ad. This has already been calculated into the commission structure for affiliates and the pricing structure for advertisers.
Fact: Everyone hates advertising but it isn’t going anywhere, may as well prepare for a new era in advertising… One benefit is that it will be 5 seconds instead of 2 minutes (bye, bye TV)
Fact: Many people hated the idea of AdSense when it was first introduced but now more that 300 million websites run adsense ads. PPP has procured 3 million new sites in 3 weeks. This opportunity is still largely untapped… Wait on the sidelines? … go ahead … more for us that are actively expanding the reach of the PPP network.
I have addressed these facts because they cover the most common questions/concerns that we have been getting. If you have any others then please ask and I will be happy to answer

I hope this facts convinced you to try with this opportunity


Bill Fermano said...

ok i joined pay per play months ago way befiore feb 1st i have installed the first code on 50 blogs and websites then i now see a differnt code is used !

anyway I havent eraned a penny from them and over 50,000 impressions ! But i'm making money with ads !

Just a Monkey... said...

8 months after this blog entry and some idiots are still waiting for PPP to deliver. LOL! PPP-NAA is just another bad joke and the people who run that crap are just crooks of the lowest level.

Integritas said...

Watch Out Chares Heflin is a scam artist and is actually proud and publicly brags about how he got thousands of publishers to join the ppp/naa scam. If you see anything charles heflin scam artist is involved with Run, and i mean RUN very fast in the other direction and hide your money!
Hes out to take you for a ride and steal your money people!
Please be careful of the shady character known as charles heflin!!!

Anthony said...

CHARLES HEFLIN IS A SCAMMER! I don't say that lightly. In my dealings with him he has shown himself to be a complete charlatan. Anyone wanting to see what he's up to, check out They guy is still running a site (& selling products) that he no longer supports. Hey charles, you're gonna get whats coming for you buddy! :)