Friday, 28 December 2007

What some bloggers think about PPP

comments from JohnChow blog (19th december 2007)

Seeds For Wealth said :
Audio Ads might be the worst thing for blogs but maybe great for some other kind of site.
Funny though, if Chow put AudioAds on his blog I’m sure you’d stay, SUCKA! - CAR
All I want to really say about these audioads is that I wish I ordered up this review. I’ll push audio ads ’cause you just never know. Big 5 search engine might rev the hype of this money maker through the roof

Michael Talk said :
Actually I think I might just take a look at his RSS feeds and brush through the good posts and will definitely visit less often.
And I think a lot of others agree with me too. But if there is the option to play or not play, I think it will be OK.
Don’t believe me? Just make John have the audio thing and see what happens!

Dith Pran is the man said :
I think this is “too intrusive advertising” area that would be wise to stay away from. I wouldn’t think twice about putting those on a site even if they paid $10/listen.

Danny @ MarketTreasure said :
Great, I’l be implementing them as well and se how we do.
5 seconds isn’t much

clickusername said :
One point brought up by the PPP sales letter is that due to the fragmentation of the audience for network TV, big advertisers with their huge budgets will start looking for other alternative areas to spend their ad dollars - one of them could be audio. The sample ads are from Harley Davidson, Taco Bell, Burger King, etc. Fairly big players , I say.

Ronald Su said :
5 second audio ads? That idea reminds of me those smilies flash ads that makes a sound when you hover over them

Cash Dominator - Money Maker said :
This seems like a really revolutionary product.

Shaun Carter said :
I find it peculiar that they say there are over 550,000 websites already using this advertising service and yet they are in pre-launch and won’t even serve ads yet.
I don’t think a short 5 second audio clip would be annoying at all. I usually have my speakers off and even if I didn’t it is much less annoying than the interstitials and pop-ups that many websites deploy on their visitors.

Emfoo said :
You dont believe in anything? No wonder you dont make money online! This is gonna be HUGE !!!! GODDBYE AGLOCO!!

gates said :
Another scam like aglogo?

Mystery said :
Oh please! Nothing can be compared to agloco! Never knew why people trusted and marketed them like crazy, while it was soooooo obvious that they (agloco) weren’t taking it seriously! Give me a break

NetAudioAds the next big thing online said :
NetAudioAds has been running for 2 n a half yrs. and they are not getting any smaller. In fact NetAudioAds has grown so much that it gained the attention of our new search engine partner whose name will be released before FEB 1st……BUHOOO —–Agloco SUCCCCCKKKKKKSSSS!!!!!

Jimmy said
I suppose it all depends on what kind of site you are running. A blog, where its all about “reading” on a topic.. maybe not. A forum about motorcycles and new two wheeler products.. a 5sec “Harley Davidson” ad that runs only once, no big deal. 100% conversion is the holy grail of advertising for a publisher. You should never leave money on the table when it comes to monetizing......

Password manager said :
It is interesting way of advertisment these days. One of the website i listen radio music ragularly these is, they play the same audio ads. After every 3 songs you will listen one randomly selected ads. You will get good idea how effective these ads can be.

ismabera said
I am new in earning with blogs / sites, but I am learnining and I remeber / notice some things.
- I noticed that I get only few cents from google adsence
- I remeber that with Pat Per Play I get money for any visit - as there is no clicking!!
- I was reading, that I will get paid even visitor’s speakers are turned off
I understand that this method is more like TV or radio advertising, using PC - so Internet Marketing Revolution.

Net Audio Ads--the next big thing!!!! said :
the possibilities for this form of monetizing your sites is great. If you remember when Adsense first came out if you visited forums and read responces to it they also had bugs for some time. But look at the results since!

The Mad Ape said :
I signed up and already have over 50 sites under my name. This is a good advertising idea and I think it will work.
Look at the benfits 100% conversion rate
- The ads are supposed to be targetted
- Only 5 seconds long
- Unlike a click your site visitor does not leave
- No visible space used on your site. More space means you can trade advertising for content.
I put a test ad of by Taco Bell on one page of my blog and it is not annoying at all. It is professionally done, short and sweet!

AdsFun said :
I also have already joined it. hope can make a profit with them.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2008!